In an ever-changing world and technology, we can now bring these elements into your home, giving you more functionality and security for a truly immersive experience.

Improve your Wi-Fi – Do you find dead spots in the house were your current broadband router does not reach? Fed up with seeing the Wi-Fi bars disappear from your phone and loss of signal. We can install an array of repeaters inside and out to give you full connectivity with no loss of signal. Find out more about improving your Wi-Fi

HDMI Distribution – Are you fed up with only having HD content in one room of the house? Utilising a single CAT6 cable infrastructure our solutions are capable of transmitting 4K resolutions to multiple screens with ease. Easy control from an App on your phone or tablet, you can even add your sound system as well. Find out more about HDMI Distribution.

CCTV – CCTV does not have to be complex. If you are worried about security or have love of wild life and want to see what is happening in the garden? We can install an IP based solution with a variety of camera’s and zones to meet your needs. This can be integrated into your TV system, or just watched on an App on your phone. Find out more about CCTV

Smart Homes – Do you want more control of your home, adjust light settings, control heating, or adjust the level of lighting for a more ambient feel while sitting down to dinner. We can transform the way you live, and all from the touch of a button on your phone, you can even use voice controls if you prefer. Find out more about Smart Homes.

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