Satellite Broadband


Satellite Broadband offers those who fall outside of a fibre or 4G network the opportunity to still have broadband connectivity at home or at work. By Using a dish literally pointing a satellite in space, you are not governed by cables in the ground, or distance from the exchange.

All we need for our satellite solution to work is a clear view of the southern sky, and hey presto you are connected. With full coverage of the UK, we can reach those places were Fibre or 4G are not available.

Working from home? Holiday retreat in the country side? Or just can’t get Fibre, then Satellite could be the option for you.

A range of products and services, with various data levels like 4G we can supply services with or without a fixed IP address, the system would be installed by one of our in-house engineers, who will get you up and running before they leave.

So, if you are suffering with slow or no broadband then satellite could well be the answer to your troubles, and we can get you up and running within 7-10 days

Whilst Satellite technology is a fantastic product, due to the increase in latency some applications such as on-line gaming and certain VPN solutions may not work fully over the satellite connection.

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