Fibre Broadband

Are you fed up with dealing with big companies? Never being able to speak with the same point of contact? Your provider changing your contract terms just because you have called them?

Then look no further, we have recently teamed up with a leading UK Telecoms provider to resolve these common complaints

We can offer a single point of contact, someone who you can call by their first name. Someone who is prepared to sit with you face to face and outline service levels and contract terms etc. Giving you all the information you need up front, with no hidden agenda, but most important of all someone who you can go back to if needed

With line rental cheaper than all the big suppliers and a choice of broadband speeds available, but please remember your maximum speed is dependent on your distance from the exchange. But don’t worry, we will give you an accurate indication of the speeds you can expect before you proceed

Benefits of using us for your broadband Solution:

  • Choice of broadband Speeds
  • Low line rental
  • Local point of contact
  • UK Based help desk & call centre
  • Unlimited data on all packages as standard (no hidden usage fees)
  • Choice of Broadband Routers – or use your own
  • Easy to switch – keep the same number and we do everything for you, you do not even have to contact your current supplier.

If your broadband speeds through a traditional land line are slow, you could consider one of our other products, check out our 4G Broadband and Satellite Broadband Solutions.

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