We have a range of products from Fibre to Satellite to meet your broadband needs. Wherever you are in the country we will have a product that works for you.

Fibre Broadband – always the first choice, its fast and can offer speeds of up to 80Mbps, is generally the cheapest broadband option, and as a rule does not have any fair use policy or restrictions. The only downside to Fibre is your distance from the exchange, the further you are from the exchange the slower your speeds. Find out more about our Fibre Broadband

4G Broadband – A great alternative solution if you cannot get Fibre, using the mobile infrastructure you can achieve speeds of up to 50Mbps depending on the network and how close you are to the transmitter. Can also be connected to your home network so multiple devices have access to the broadband speed. Find out more about 4G Broadband.

Satellite Broadband – Satellite Broadband offers those who fall outside of a fibre or 4G network the opportunity to still have broadband connectivity at home or at work. By Using a dish literally pointing a satellite in space, you are not governed by cables in the ground, or distance from the exchange. Find out more about Satellite Broadband.

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