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Networking your Home

In today’s environment you can increase the network capability within your home, improve Wi-Fi coverage throughout to connect TV’s games stations and anything else you wish!

Control and distribute HD content to multiple TV’s to added security with CCTV, or just a simple SONOS connection.

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Is broadband important to you?

Having a reliable broadband set up is essential these days.  You rely on good broadband for your day to day activities.  For many, it's the fifth utility.

The internet is transforming our lives, not just at home but also at work. The ability to communicate in an instant, or look up information at literally the touch of a button.

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RF Communications specialise in all aspects of signal distribution. From just a single data point or improving your Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. To a fully automated HD distribution system that can incorporate CCTV images for your security.

home_imageCommercial Services

Whether you have bar, and want a HD signal distributed to multiple TV points.

Or a block of flats which requires a fully Integrated System (IRS) to incorporate TV, Satellite, and Radio signals to multiple outlets, from one single aerial cluster. We can help with the design and planning.

We can even offer bespoke maintenance contracts for the ongoing service.

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