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Improve Your WiFi

Do you find dead spots in the house were your current broadband router does not reach? Fed up with seeing the Wi-Fi bars disappear from your phone and loss of signal. We can install an array of repeaters inside and out to give you full connectivity with no loss of signal.

We have all experienced that loss of Wi-Fi, in the middle of a film or a football game and suddenly our Smart TV has dropped the Wi-Fi connection, and all we get is the circle of death at the TV starts to buffer – annoying isn’t it?

Well we can improve the coverage of your broadband connection in your home.

Using the latest technology, we can install an array of wireless repeaters around your home, or if you prefer we can install data cabling giving you greater coverage and reliability for as many rooms or devices as you require.

We can even install a booster which will give you better Wi-Fi coverage outside in the garden, or connect an outhouse/playroom up as well

Get rid of those nasty drop outs, and dead spots, and give us a call today. One of our experienced engineers will come and see you, test your current set up and be able to offer advice on the best solution to meet your needs.

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