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Testing your Aerial?

You can test your current aerial through analogue Teletext. This test is designed to check if your current aerial will need to be replaced or upgraded to receive digital TV through your aerial after the switchover. The test pattern is broadcast on Teletext page 284 on BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 and S4C. You should carry out the test on all channels and under different weather conditions (fog, rain, fine dry weather, etc) to achieve a more accurate and objective result. Ideally the screen should display a full grid of vertical/horizontal white boxes. Ignoring the top and bottom rows if there are squares missing (complete lines missing are fine) or if you currently have reception problems i.e. snowy picture or severe ghosting, then the existing aerial needs to be checked or replaced.

Replacing your Aerial?

If you think you may need to replace your aerial, do not attempt to adjust it yourself. Look for an installer with the digital tick logo – this means they have been trained and security checked. Only Registered Digital Installers (RDIs) are permitted to use the digital tick logo.

Can you repair an Aerial?

Unfortunately if your aerial has been damaged by the wind, rain or snow, it is unlikely that it can be repaired. It will probably need to be replaced.

Will the engineer connect the aerial/satellite to my existing TV?

Yes, once your installation is complete the engineer will connect this to your TV and tune in all the stations. If required we can also aid with the set up of additional units such as DVD players, surround sound, and satellite systems.

Can you connect more than 1 TV to 1 Aerial?

Yes you can have TV's in many rooms and connect them to your existing aerial, these are called extra points and depending on how many additional points you require depends on the size of the amplifier needed to split the aerial signal.

Freeview, Freesat, Sky or Cable TV - Which is best?

These are the four options to receive digital TV. The choice is yours, as there is more involved than just a simple yes/no answer please read our specific pages to get more information on which option maybe best for you. For Cable TV you will need to contact your local supplier.

What is the RDI?

The RDI or Registered Digital Installer program is designed to ensure all engineers have a better understanding of aerial installations. Engineers must have a clean Criminal Record, pass theory exams in Signal Pathways, and be inspected on installation procedures and practices. Once complete the engineer is registered as an RDI, will carry an ID card as proof, and be registered on the RDI web site.

What is the digital switchover?

The digital TV switchover is the process of turning off the UK's analogue TV signal and replacing it with a digital signal. The switchover is Government policy, it will mean that almost everyone will be able to receive digital TV through an aerial (Freeview).

Digital TV also uses less broadcast space which means that after switchover, there will be more room for new services such as wireless broadband, local TV and High Definition Television (HDTV).

How long will the installation take?

We allocate 1.5 to 2 hrs for an engineer to assess / discuss your requirements and install an aerial to 1 point. If more TV points are required more time is allocated.